RUAWAIPU The Traditional Tribe Of The East Coast  
The Ruawaipu Tribal Authority

The formation of a Ruawaipu Tribal Authority (“the RTA”) was endorsed at a public meeting held 13 April 2003 at Rangitukia. The RTA charitable trust deed was established with the aims of promoting the advancement and development of the members of Ruawaipu and to work towards relieving the hardship that the people of Ruawaipu currently face.

  The Trust Deed was initiated and ratified at Potaka Marae in August 2003. Some of our present and founding Trustees are;  
  • Bill Te Kani – kaumatua.
  • Barney Dewes – Kaumatua
  • Mate oho rere Manuel – Rangatahi
  • Jason Koia – Rangatahi
  • Bob Kaa (Chairman) – Kamatua.
  • Lou Tangaere (Patron) - QSO & member of the New Zealand Maori Council.
  To view a copy of the Trust Deed, click on the View button below.  
Ruawaipu Tribal Authority Trust Deed

The RTA is run by volunteers and has been instrumental in the facilitation of Ruawaipu Claims and Claimants. This involves helping in the preparation of drafting claims and legal counsel engagement. The RTA does not have any claims before the Waitangi Tribunal and only plays a supporting role. Assets and management is not the focus of the RTA, rather empowering our whanau-hapu to control and manage their own destiny is.

Another role of the RTA is protecting the whanau-hapu interests. This has involved regular submissions to government on issues that impact upon Ruawaipu.

Below are copies of the Submissions. To view these files, click on the View button.

Waka Umanga Pres 2006
Submission N Rates Inquiry April
Aqua Reform Bill Submission
Foreshore & Seabed Bill Submission
Foreshore & Seabed Policy Submission
Freshwater Submission
Maori Fisheries Bill Submission
Maori Trustee Submission
NZ Coastal Policy Submission
NZ Constitutional Arrangements Submission
Oceans Policy Submission
Resource Management Act Submission
TPK Maori Governance Submission